Immediate Repatriation of DPRK Women Citizens Urged

Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) — The representative of the DPRK made a speech at the 35th session of HRC being held in Geneva on June 15.

Today in the DPRK, dynamic struggle is under way to foil maneuvers of hostile forces to impose sanctions and pressure upon it and fully realize the dream and ideal of people by ensuring their independent rights and genuine human rights under the politics of affording priority, respect and love to the people of our respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, the representative said, and went on:

While resolutely rejecting the politicization of human rights, the DPRK attaches importance to the genuine dialogue and cooperation in the international human rights field.

The HRC should no longer tolerate such human rights violations of the U.S., the worst-ever tundra of human rights in the world and the ringleader and the mastermind of human rights violations as well, but take appropriate action.

Japan is a classic state of anti-human rights crimes, thus lacking eligibility to be present in the human rights forum.

It will take ages to enumerate the human rights violations in south Korea.

Particularly the continued refusal by south Korean authorities to repatriate the 12 DPRK women citizens who were abducted by south Korean agents in April last year constitutes typical crime of abduction and large scale human rights violation in the 21st century.

My delegation urges the OHCHR and HRC to continue to pay due attention to the issue of DPRK women abductees, the contemporary form of human rights violation, and take appropriate measure to have them repatriated without delay. –


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